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Vegas Style

Sports Betting Game

Compete for weekly cash prizes Free! The #1 and most complete sports betting APP.

KingFish has combined thrill of betting sports with the fun of a competitive leaderboard based game! KingFish allows betting on all major US sports like a vegas style sportsbook. Compete in KingFish’s global leagues to win Cash Prizes each week or create your own private groups and wager with only your Friends. (virtual currency) Our Sports Betting game includes all bet types, ( Straight, Teasers, Parlays ) live scores, live odds, live leader boards, and many more features.

Compete Against Anyone

Global & Private Groups

KingFish is more Fun with Friends! Compete each week in KingFish Pools to win Real Cash Prizes. Join Sponsored groups to win company based Prizes! Create private groups to compete against only your friends or join Public Groups to compete against others sharing your same interest.

KingFish Pools
Pools & Tournaments

Weekly Pools

KingFish is built around Pools and Tournaments. Each pool last for one week. That means each week is a new chance to win! There are Season Ending Tournaments too! (I.E. March Madness ) Player that has the largest winnings at the end of the tournament or pool week is the winner! It's that simple and FREE !!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost ?

Nothing! The App is free to Download and Play. You don't bet real money, but you can win real money each week!

I know nothing about betting can I play ?

Absolutely! Kingfish has three betting formats for Beginners to Advanced Betters.

Can I Bet Real Money ?

No! KingFish is a sportsbook simulation game that uses virtual currency to wager. However, you can win real cash & prizes every week !

How Do you Win Pools ?

Pool winners are based on the amount of Winnings each player has. It is not based on the total coins available, only the winnings. To win have the most winnings for that week!

How Do I make a Private Group ?

Simply click on the create a group link through the menu icon. Once created you will be provided a group ID and Password that you can provide to your friends so they can join your Group.

Do I have to Buy more Coins ?

That depends on your betting ability. Free coins are available through winning and betting accomplishments. You also have the option of watching reward videos to get more coins otherwise, you do have the ability to purchase coins.

Can I win Real Prizes ?

Absolutely! KingFish offers real cash prizes for winning! Additional, promotional groups & companies will offer real prizes and gifts!

I know nothing about betting sports can I play ?

We are the perfect app for you. Since KingFish is free it is a great tool to start understanding how to make sports wagers.